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About Me

Stephanie Alvarenga began her journey in the fitness industry, trying to help others with their weight loss and personal development. After working with serval clients and learning more about what they wanted and needed, she decided to start helping these clients by getting into Massage Therapy.


Once Stephanie was done with school, she opened her spa and began helping everyone that she could. Stephanie would help the VA by providing free massages. She wanted to help with the reduction of stress and anxiety that they were consistently feeling. Stephanie is also a Tantra Wellness Practionter. She uses this training to help others heal from traumatic stress and experiences. Stephanie also uses this Tantra to help others learn how to breathe and let go.  


Stephanie is also a Reiki Master, where she will use energy to help heal pain and provide comfort and safety. After working with several clients and hearing their pains, Stephanie continues to focus on studies to help clients that suffer from back pain and clients that suffer from stress and anxiety. She truly takes pride in what she does and loves doing what she does. Stephanie does have a team, and each one must have a passion for helping others and also become trained on these specialties.

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