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Founded in June 2017 and based in Houston, TX and owned by Stephanie Alvarenga.

Stephanie grew up in a middle-class neighborhood. She has had many struggles in her younger years. She understands how it feels to be left out, not beloved by the people expected to love you. To be told, you were not good enough or that you were going to be Nothing. Stephanie is also a survivor of domestic violence, molestation, and rape. Stephanie had a child at seventeen and had to raise him alone. Stephanie also thought that she was cursed and didn't deserve love.

Stephanie knew there had to be another way. She knew she needed to heal, but not with a psychotherapist. She didn't want to be on medication or be diagnosed with depression. Stephanie began her research and found Tantra, Meditation, Yoni Steaming, Massage Therapy, Reiki, and Rapid Transformation Therapy. Since 2008, Stephanie has practiced and studied through different gurus and masters. This is a long-life study, and she states she will always be learning.

Stephanie learned to heal herself and grew the passion for helping others that have/had been through this trauma. Stephanie has also learned to be a better wife, mother, and friend through the practice of Tantra. With patience and dedication, she learned healing is within everyone. It is up to her to help that person find that healing within them.

RTB is a place of comfort and honesty. Stephanie is trained in Tantra, Reiki, Self Love, Couples reunite, Happy coach, and Rapid Transformation Therapy.

Each person and couple that comes to RTB is taken care of with Love and Intention to Heal.

Stephanie's mission is to help others heal, love, and Let the past go!

Let that Shit Go!

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