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Child Trauma Healing

A Toddler and a Baby

Child Trauma Healing

Did your child go through trauma and you noticed they may need help? This trauma may be a death in the family, molestation and/or rape, physical and/or mental abuse. Here at RTB Spa we work with your child as a whole. We work with the body, mind, and spirit.


We do this by using massage, Reiki, Affirmation meditations, and Self-love Tantra. Our program works with each child to their needs. We don't push, we allow them to take it day at a time and heal at their pace.

What to expect:

Our first session will be a consultation, having your child meet with one of our Tantra Teachers. It is most important that your child feels safe and conformable with the practitioner. Our goal is to make sure your child will get the healing they need, but it does start with trust.

After the initial consult, trauma type, and length of when the trauma event happen.. we will create a plan that you, the parent, and practitioner will agree to. 


Sessions can last 20 minutes to 60 minutes. This is determined by your child when they are in session. These sessions can be 1 to 2 times a week, depending on your time and finances.

Depending on what the trauma is, sometimes it is best for the parent to also get some healing. You as the parent must understand that this is your child's healing and they will heal at their own pace. Parents must be patient and supportive! They need you!

This is not some therapy session or a psychiatrist sitting with your child, this is a holistic way of healing not only the mind, but the whole body, mind, and spirit.

Take the first step in helping your child heal, don't let them grow and develop issues that could cause them to make wrong decisions due to past wounds and trauma.

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