Cupping Therapy

About Cupping:

      Cupping Therapy has been around for centuries. It is known to provide many health benefits. We use the application of suction cups and vacuum cups on the skin to create a negative pressure. We also use the Range of motion to help release pain and tension in tight muscles.



Benefits for Athletes?

•This is such a great tool for athletes to keep in their workout regimen. Cupping Therapy helps remove the toxins that are due to stress. Some examples of are lactic acid, uric acid, calcium deposits, and cholesterol.

Cupping Therapy also helps with athlete’s performance. When these toxins are removed it makes it easier for the body to heal and work harder.

Cupping helps reduce inflammation. Athletes train hard and they get inflammation and stiffness in their joins. Since cupping is 5x stronger than your deep tissue or sports massage, it helps reduce inflammation and stiffness in the joints.

Plantar Fasciitis: This is a huge issue for athletes and is very common. It is due to the overuse of their feet. This is when a ligament tissue or the plantar fascia is inflamed. Known to be very painful to the point Athletes are unable to put their foot down. Well with cupping it helps provide a relief and help it heal quickly.

Benefits for the Everyday Person?

     Relieve stress, tight muscles, tension, anxiety, negative build up and bring circulation back to the surface.

•Your body feels alive and new
•You feel the ease of movement
•Treats Stress and Depression
•Pain Reduction
•Joint Mobilization
•Lymph Drainage
•Scar and Cellulite Reduction
•Assist with weight loss programs
•Improve circulation and blood flow
•Treats Migraines, Headaches, and Eyestrain
•Clears Colon
•Improves Respiratory issues such as common cold and cough
•Menstrual pain
•Stomach aches and heartburn
•Nerve pain​