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Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic System

     We can’t live without it. It is the secondary system of the circulation in the body. Its job is to clean and nourish our cells. Our Lymph is a clear fluid containing nutrients and oxygen. The cells are able to discard waste and toxic materials into this fluid. Our lymphatic vessels pick up the waste and any excess fluid from around the cells. It transports it to the lymph nodes and the lymph nodes filter it back into circulation.

Most common reasons for poor Lymphatic flow:

     Well, it is the way we live. Lack of exercise causes our lymphatic fluid to be weak, so they unable to push through the body. Our poor diet causes the lymph’s to be congested and can produce more waste and make our lymph’s work harder. Then there are pollutants, unfortunately, our environment is not at its best at all time so it does affect our lymph’s nodes. Damage to our bodies like surgery and trauma and pregnancy are more reasons to have poor lymphatic flow.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage:

     There are so many wonderful benefits lymphatic drainages. It does wonders on your skin. It can give you clearer complexion and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also can reduce the view of scars and puffy eyes.

     Detox, oh yeah! After a long period of high stress, it can reduce the sluggishness that is brought on by bad diets and too little to none exercise. It can also help promote weight loss.

     If you have been looking for a way to promote healing after a surgery or injury, this is great because it can drain the tissue and reduce inflammation and improve healing.

     Being pregnant and the aftermath is not always fun and your body sure can feel it. During this time, lymphatic drainage can do wonders for you. It can help gain comfort in the legs and feet, where most women do get swollen during pregnancy. It is also great for breastfeeding, especially with there are problems with blocked ducts and sore breasts.

     The best of all relaxation! Lymphatic drainage is a gentle treatment and one of the most relaxing. So why not relax, cleans, and rejuvenate.

What to Expect?

     Lymphatic Drainage is a very gentle and rhythmic movement. This stimulates the lymph nodes to open and drain. This is a very comfortable, non-aggressive and noninvasive. We typically will work on the neck, stomach, trunk, and extremities.


This is a great add-on to any massage or treatment and can also be a great solo treatment for 30 to 45 min.

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