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Alternative Healing

Our Alternative healing is about healing within and without. To heal the whole body as a whole. We use the connection of the mind, body, and spirit through touch and  natural healing energy to heal, let go, promote good health and positive thinking.  

Alternative Medicine

Our Alternative medicine is about treating ourselves the way our body is intended to do. We use tools to help our body push out toxins, relieving the body of stress, anxiety, pain, and depression. Let us help you Detox, rejuvenate and feel renewed. 

Reiki & Chakra Healing
reiki hands .jpg
Yoni Egg Healing
Yoni Abdominal Fertility Healing
Abdominal Womb 2.jpg
Womb Clay Detox
Beautiful woman in spa salon getting mud
Goddess Yoni Steaming
yoni grass.jpg
Hot Stone Herbal Mayan Abdominal Massage
Mayan Herb.jpg
Tanta Healing
-To book Tantra, click on picture- other page will open
Cupping Therapy
pinching_cellulite test.jpg
Cellulite Treatment
lymphatic drainage 4.jpg
Lymphatic Drainage
Ionic foot bacth.jpg
Detox Healing Foot Bath
Candling 16 Full Set up-lit.jpg
Ear Clearing
Swedish Massage
Massage Therapy
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