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Relationships: Marriage, Dating, & Love

Our Relationship Coaching

We specialize in Marriage, Dating, and Love relationships. 

Where do you stand?

Marriage Coaching: You are Married. We help with the communication between the couples. We help resolve conflicts and bring the two back together so that they can understand and respect each other. 

Dating Coaching: You are not married. You are in the dating atmosphere. Not you are fully committed to anyone. Here is where we help you with your inner game. Learn to find the love you desire vs. the one you were taught to have. Learn to change your thoughts and energy to the relationship you want. This is also good for any emotional support. 

Love Coaching: Lost of why you cannot find love. Everything else is perfect, but you cannot find love. Or maybe every relationship you are in is crap. With our love coaching, we help work towards a common goal of helping you feel empowered in yourself and ready to tackle the dating world. We can help you obtain confidence in asking for what you want, making and executing plans, setting boundaries, planning, and being yourself. 

What to expect?

Each session is specialized per the client's needs. We usually would like to have a married couple at the same time. In some cases, we will have the first few sessions to find underlying issues that could be the root cause of the problems. Each session is 60 minutes. 

Is this program for you?

If you feel left out, alone, and like there is a "going nowhere" feeling. It may be time to sit down and discover why and how we can fix this and become stronger as a couple or person. 

Here are some questions to ask before you decide to get a marriage coach:

1. Do you want this marriage to succeed?

2. What are the most critical marriage issues you should improve?

3. Are there any reasons your marriage cannot improve?

4. Why did you initially fall in love?

5. Who will be affected by the decisions regarding your marriage?

6. What needs are you failing to meet?

7. What kind of love do you feel for each other?

8. What are you willing to do to become more intimate?

9. Are there unresolved conflicts?

10. What would your lives be like if you were to separate? 

11. How are your finances?

12. Review your expectations of one another; are they reasonable and fair?

13. What are the positives in the relationship

14. What is the most significant change in your relationship

15. Can you make your marriage a top priority?

16. Do you still trust one another?

17. How long are you willing to work on your relationship?

I recommend that each person answer these questions on their own, on a separate sheet of paper, to see how each one feels and responds. 

Here are some questions to ask before you decide to get a Dating coach:

1. Do I give time as an excuse for not dating?

2. Do I know what I want in a partner and my future? 

3. Are you on dating sites and don't know how to use them?

4. Can you hold a conversation with someone you have feelings for?

5. Are you unsure what to do, where, and what to wear?

6. Are you lost and confused about how you feel about yourself?

Here are some questions to ask before you decide to get a Love coach:

1. Do you feel you cannot achieve specific goals in love, dating, relationships, romance, intimacy, and sexuality?

2. Do you have a fear of commitment?

3. Do you know your value?

4. You cannot get over your ex.

5. Are you at the point where you want to say F**k it all, "I am done with dating"?

6. Divorced? Now, what, how do you restart?

The cost of our coaching is on a paying scale. Sessions can be $25-$130, Depending on income. If you do not want to share your finances, the cost per session is $130. (Per couple and Individually) 

Holding Hands
Happy Couple
Couples with Skateboards

What to expect?

  • Set an appointment- Pay deposit. 

  • You will receive an email or call about your appointment 

  • We will send you a client form to fill out.

  • Once we review your intake form, we will let you know the required payment fee. 

  • Sessions are 60 minutes in length. 

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