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What makes our messages different?

Our massages are not your typical massage, where we manipulate the muscles. This massage is focused on relaxing and reducing stress. We have two types: Yomassage® and Swedish Zen Massage

What is Yomassage®?

Picture this: While lying down in the most comfortable and cozy restorative stretch, you are guided through a themed meditation that takes you deeper into the relaxation experience. While relaxing and meditating, your Yomassage® practitioner provides a head-to-toe therapeutic touch.​


There are so many positive benefits of incorporating mindfulness and meditation into your routine: reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, improved focus, and more self-control. But it's easier said than done. Our Yomassage® sessions take a beginner's approach to mindfulness and meditation. Through guided breathwork and themed meditation prompts, you will forget you are meditating as you enter a deeper state of relaxation. You will also gain tools in the session that you will carry throughout your day-to-day life.

What is Swedish Zen Massage?

Picture this: Lying on a massage table that is nice and warm, music playing to calm the mind and body. While relaxing, our Massage Therapist will use light feather touch, light to medium pressure of effleurage, Kneading, and Breathwork to ease you away from pain, stress, and anxiety. This massage will leave you ready to take on anything in a calm manner. Come back to the present moment and stress-free.

There are so many benefits to incorporating a deep relaxation Zen massage: reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, muscle relaxation, mind-body connection, boost-immune system, and emotional well-being. We work with the client's level of breathwork and stress levels to incorporate a fantastic Swedish Zen Massage. 

Eyes Closed

What to expect?


  • Floor Mat

  • If you can get up and down off the floor, you can participate in a Yomassage®

  • Dress in light clothing. Workout clothing is fine

  • Currently sessions are either One-on-one or Couple (2)

Swedish Zen Massage:

  • Massage bed

  • Anyone can participate in a Swedish Zen Massage

  • Undergarments required

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