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Relaxation Massage

What makes our messages different?

Our massages are not your typical massage, where we manipulate the muscles. This massage is focused on relaxing and reducing stress. We have two types Meditation Massage and Swedish Sensual Massage. 

What is Meditation Massage?

Like a typical massage, the client will be on a massage bed. During this massage, we use meditation techniques to put your mind into a relaxed state. The therapist will use sounds, voice, and touch to relax the body and mind. There will be some effleurage and breath coaching during the massage.

What is Swedish Sensual Massage?

This message will knock the boots off your feet! This massage uses light feather touch, effleurage, and Kneading. The goal of this massage is to relax the body with sensations leaving you relaxed, stress-free, and open, and it may even give you chills!

Eyes Closed

What to expect?

Meditation Massage:

  • On massage bed, with or without clothes, dim lights. Come in light clothing.

Swedish Sensual Massage:

  • On the massage bed, under garments are required, dim lights. 

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