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Are you still French Kissing your Loved one? If not, why?

Do you remember the first time you meet your lover and just couldn’t wait for that first kiss? Do you remember the butterflies or the “OMG” moment that it is about to happen? Those are some good memories. BUT why memories? Can you remember the last time you frenched kissed your loved one that way? If not, let me tell you why.

Loss of Communication

The number 1 killer in relationship is communication. Communication is key to all relationships. One person may want something, and the other does not understand what the other wants. Or one will say they want something and the other does not know what they are talking about. They will soon blow the other person off and not care, while the other will feel resentment and alone. Who wants to French kiss someone that they feel nothing but sadness from? Where do you st

and with your loved one when it comes to communication?

Busy Life

How busy is your life? It is sad to say that we sometimes just get busy with our lives that we forget to show our affection. We start to think that our relationship is whole, and we don’t need to work as hard to show our love. See when we French kiss it takes work, it takes more energy to French kiss then to just do a quick peck.

Length of Relationship

How long have you been with your loved one? When years fly by we forget to notice our loved ones. Communication began to die. It is the “I am used to her/him” feeling. Even though we do not tend to do this, we just forget to realize each other. Then we began to feel ignored. We start to feel like we no longer exist, we’re not sexy enough, or the other person excitement does not include other.

Give Me Passion

Communication is key! It is important that we set time with each other and really explain what we are missing and wanting. Come to a clear mind and work with each other to fulfill each other’s desires. Make time to French kiss each other. Time is time, time cannot be taken back. So, a peck is not worth a second if it loses emotional connection. In the beginning of a relationship kissing, holding, love making is so remarkable! Romance is easy in the beginning. When life starts to become more complex we need to put in the work to keep our love hot and steaming. Just think about it. Look at your love one and French kiss them, watch the sparks in the eyes glow again, French kissing awakens energy and gives a deeper connection.

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