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Healing Root Charka

The Root Chakra is our foundation of our chakra system. This chakra is the color red. It plays a major part in building our higher chakras and the human body.

It gives us physical necessities of life such as:

· Life

· Food

· Water

· Shelter

It gives us psychological factors such as:

· Mental health

· Trust

· Acceptance

· Comfort

When we have an unbalanced Root Charka it can cause many issues. This can cause someone to become unconnected with the world. This can even cause our higher chakras to not heal. These unbalances could have started all the way back from childhood. When someone at a young age has been hurt physically or mentally it can be harder for them to experience the proper sense of connecting that comes form a balanced root chakra.

List of Issues:

· Depression

· Anxiety

· Paranoia

· Urinary problems

· Bowel disorders

· Muscular complaint in hips and legs

· Men: prostate problems

Signs to watch out for an overactive chakra:

· Aggressive feelings

· Aggressive behavior

· Seeking security by proving themselves as superior

· Impulsiveness

· Sexual- need to sleep around

Signs to watch out for an underactive chakra:

· No connection with people

· No connection with the world

· Some disconnected from their own bodies

What can we do to Heal the Root Chakra?

Healing Exercises:

· One of the best ways to heal the root chakra is meditation. Not just any meditation, but meditation that involves you to sit down and concentrate on the chakra physical location. While you are concentrating you want to imagine that you are anchoring or reaching down from the pelvis into the earth. You want to become grounded. It is even a good idea to place a glowing red orb at the base of your spine, this will direct energy out of the root chakra towards the center of the earth. During the meditation, it is also good to concentrate on the nose, due to the corresponding sense of the root chakra is smell.

· Another way is affirmations. Tell yourself that the world around you is a safe place, I am part of this world, I am at peace with people and the things around me.

· Gems and stones is also used to heal. The gems or stones will be placed over the chakra during the healing massage.

· Since the root chakra is about feeling grounded, stomping your bare feet on the ground can help. Sounds silly but it works!

· Practicing Kundalini Yoga to open your lower spine. On good pose is the Bridge pose.

Healing foods:

· Since the color of this chakra is red, we want to focus on red food such as apples and beets

· Hot spices such as tabasco sauce and red cayenne peppers

· Vegies from the ground like potatoes and carrots

· Proteins like red meat and eggs.

If you are experiencing any of the above issue or symptoms please reach out to me.

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