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Chakra Reflexes on the Foot!

Chakra Points on Foot

Reflexology is a wonderful healing technique. Some of its main area of focus is the feet and the palms of the hands. Reflexology uses the fingertip pressure. This is used to release pain and energy blockages. Reflexology is very effective because energy terminates in the feet or hands.

If your energy circulation is blocked in any way, it shows up in the reflex as pain or soreness. Your healer or practitioner can tell just by pressing in your hands and feet. In Reflexology, our body is divided up into 10 zones that correspond to specific parts of the soles of the feet and the hands.

The most important area for maintaining chakra balance is a spinal reflex. This runs right along the arch of the foot from the heel to the top of the big toe. You can do this yourself and you can also have someone do it for you.

If you would like to do this yourself you would want to press each foot reflex firmly for about 30 seconds. But the main idea is that you really want to focus on visualizing the body chakra and its associated color. You want to do this one foot at a time.

Where are the points located? • The Base (root) Chakra is towards the back of the heel bone. In this is related to gonads, which are the testes and ovaries.

• The Sacral Chakra is where the heel and navicular bones join. This is related to the adrenal glands.

•The Solar Plexus Chakra is at the back of the cuneiform bone and is related to the Pancreas

•The Heart Chakra is the center of the metatarsal bone and is related to the Thymus gland

•A Throat Chakra is where the phalanges, toe bones, meet the metatarsus and this is related to the thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

•The Third Eye (brow) Chakra is where the 1st and 2nd phalanges meet and are relating to the pituitary gland

•The Crown Chakra is at the top of the first phalange, which is the big toe. This is related to the pineal gland.

This is a great way to get yourself back in balance and feel whole again. Give it a try or give us a call!

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