Conscious Communicating

Have you started communicating with your conscious mind?

First let's start by asking, what is conscious communication? Conscious communication is you communicating with your whole self, deep within your soul. I mean really speaking to yourself, no lies, no regrets, Just being one with yourself.

How are you communicating with yourself? You want to make sure that you are not just saying words. You want to speak in kindness and awareness. You want to make sure that you are actively listening and not just hearing yourself. You want to have a clear mind and be authentic with yourself. Speak with your heart.

How does conscious communication help you with others? When you become more connected with yourself, your spirit will expand and empower your relationships. This will allow you to hear what you should like when you are expressing your feelings. As you get better, you will see that communication with all your relationships from family to business acquaintance will become better. This is a great healing process for your throat chakra. You will feel how easy it is to speak your truth.

What crystals can help me open my conscious communication? Many crystals can help your energy and mind open. Your throat chakra is your communication chakra, which heals with the color blue. Working with your conscious communication, we want to stick with the blue crystals. If you need to clear and charge your crystal view my video here.

Here are just a few crystals I recommend.

* Lapis Lazuli

  • It is a wise crystal

  • Soothes nerves and reduces stress

  • It helps brings back the trust and faith in yourself.

  • Gives you confidence in speaking and expressing yourself.

*Blue Lace Agate Bring you peace of mind Allows you to relax into your words instead of stumbling and getting tongue tied It reduces anxiety Souths doubts and fears Help quit the mind so that you can breathe deeper and feel more like yourself.

*Sodalite Removes fear Opens lines of communication Encourages self-expression Helps you trust your decisions and to not second guess Gives you creative ideas and expression Helps raise self-esteem and feel good about yourself.

How to get started? First get you a crystal that will help you focus and one that you can really attach to. Another item you will need is a journal and a pen. You can use your phone and record, do what makes you feel like you can really express yourself. We are going to call this your Conscious package.

Are you Ready!!!

  1. Talking through an issue

  2. The night before, grab your Conscious package and find a quiet space where you can be alone and undisturbed.

  3. The letter