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Cold Stone Therapy

Now we all have heard and maybe even tried Hot Stones. We know how good it can feel and the benefits it can give us. But now wait, what about cold stone therapy? Sounds scary if you hate the cold or if cold can seem ...maybe not relaxing. I want you to take a deep breath because this information on cold therapy is going to blow your mind. Cold stone massage can be preform with hot stones as well; this is called thermal contrasting. Cold stone massage can help lower stress levels, improve circulation, and soothe inflammation to treat a variety of maladies. Most people can tolerate cold stones, so don't go in thinking you will feel cold. It works!

Let start and say, cold can be placed on your skin. When its placed on your skin, it triggers vasoconstriction, which is the narrowing of the blood vessels. When the stones are removed, your vessels will dilate again. This is such a great thing because it will supply affected areas with fresh blood and oxygen. Benefits of Cold Stone Therapy

Some benefits of cold stone therapy are how it can relieve discomfort associated with hot temperatures or hot flashes. Cold stones are therapeutic and can ease the pain with muscle injuries. It can help with arthritis pain and alleviate sinus congestion. Cold stones can reduce swelling, relax muscle spasms, and decrease menstrual pain. Cold stones can even restore energy levels. Oh, and if you try the thermal contrast, it can help remove impurities and give skin a firmer, tight, texture. Contraindication- yes, I know.. Not everyone can do it.

Although we wish that everyone can feel the power and relaxation of Cold Stone Therapy, there is some contraindication. If you have any open wounds, tumors, fractures, your therapist, my avoid this area. If pregnant, consult your doctor before you do any massage work. If you are or recently had radiation or chemotherapy best to not do cold therapy. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, a blood-clotting disorder, metal implants, Parkinson's disease, extreme obesity or diabetic peripheral neuropathy, it is best that you do not do Cold Stone Therapy. Remember you are your best doctor and you know you the best. If you have any of the conditions, you must get a doctor release before any type of stone work. Our Cold Stone Therapy is amazingly relaxing and therapeutic. We do cold stones alone and also the thermal contrast. We use our cold stone therapy as energy healing. We use Marble and Jade Stones. You will be surprised at how good this feels. Give yourself a treat and enjoy the feel of cold. Your body will thank you.

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