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Massage and Sickness

Have you ever wondered if you can get a massage while you are sick? Getting a massage while being sick is not a great idea. Your body is already working hard to fight off your infection. Here are some good reasons why you should wait until your sickness has passed before getting a massage.

  • Contagious! It is important being aware of your sickness and not passing it on to your therapist. When you feel sick, it is best to stay home and rest.

  • Exhaustion! Your body is fighting, and when it fights best when you are resting. You may think that getting a massage will make you relax, but it is quite the opposite. The body works harder to respond to the stimulation caused by massage.

  • Body's Circulation! Massage stimulates the muscles and tissues and causes the body to increase circulation. When sick, this can cause you to become more congested and feeling of "hard to breathe."

SO! When can you get a massage?

Let the worst part past, no fever for more than 24 hours. Then think about getting a massage. Massage can help you feel better because sickness can cause you to have sore muscles. Massage will help speed up the process and release soreness and also help open the airways. This is where we come in to play. We work with getting you feeling better again. With our amazing massages to release sore muscles and achy pain to our cupping therapy to help move those toxins out of the body and make you feel like you again.

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