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Runes: Gebo (Jay-Bow) or (Gay-boo)

Gebo is pronounced as (Jay-Bow) or (Gay-boo)

Interpretation: Gift, Generosity, Wedding, Sacrifice, taking, trade, balance, thankfulness

Magickal meaning:

Gebo represents:

  • Act of giving in all forms

  • A gift could be given to you

  • Possibly a marriage proposal or an opportunity to put forward

  • A person who wishes to enrich one's life romantically or materially

  • A divine gift like life or of balance

  • Sexual union

  • Depending on what other rune is pulled with Gebo, it may mean a short term of something. If this is the case, it would be a very intense encounter and could grow into something more if desired.

  • Practice Sex Magic

Gebo reverse:

  • You do not read Gebo in reverse.


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