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Runes: Mannaz (man-az)

Mannaz is pronounced as (man-az)

Interpretation: humankind, awareness and independence

Magickal meaning: To gain assistance, increase memory and mental powers

Mannaz is a signal of self-awareness and conscientiousness

Mannaz represents:

  • Group of people surrounding the individual

  • Reference the ways in which that group perceives the individual in question

  • Friends are being made

  • Individual is giving a part of themselves for the greater good.

  • This Rune is more about the people surrounding the individual vs the individual himself.

  • People in the family or group is viewing how he/she preforms and how he/she is perceived

Mannaz reverse:

  • The individual must look within themselves before turning onward to family and friends.

  • Individual may be looking for healing though their community because they cannot be fixed from an outward source.

  • Practice self-reflection and meditation


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