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To Live in a State of Bliss

     Our goal is to unblock the energy that has been hindered by the emotional or physical stress of trauma. We use the seven Chakras that will encourage the healing of the mind, body, and soul.

     When the body and mind are in proper balanced the energy will move from Chakra to the next. Giving you a sense of release or freedom.​

     Visualization and Sensations of sound, breath, and body will awaken the sexual and physical body energies. This is made to reconnect with the eternal part of yourself. Tantra goes beyond the definition of physical intimacy, it is about self-intimacy.​

What do we offer?

Sacred Spot Massage
     This type of massage is very special and it is made to promote self-loving by being in the present moment and accepting all that is. This is can be a very emotional message due to letting go and healing though out your past and trauma.

There are 3 parts to the Sacred Spot Massage

  1. You are new and in a nervous state, a lot more tense and unsure.

  2. You Return! now you know what to expect but you want to give me and be more open. your nervousness began to lessen and you are wanting more.

  3. You are Erotic. You have now opened up and are ready to feel the real feeling of being in the State of Bliss. This is when you really put your mind, body, and spirit in connection.


"What a great way to love yourself again"

Couple Tantra- Reunite
If you are falling out of love or maybe love has just not been as strong as it used to be. Maybe your daily life and kids have come between you and your loved one. This session is wonderful for you to reconnect and love each other deeper than when you first meet. This session can feel awkward and you will get out of your comfort zone, but you cannot create change if you stay in the same state of mind. This session is also great for couples who want to spice up their sex life!


This session includes breathing, holding, talking, touching, kissing and more.
Must: You must be open, ready, willing, and committed.


**What is your Intention?**
**What do you want to feel emotionally and physically?**
**What do you want your thoughts to be?**


•Feel more attractive
•Have more self-confidence
•Increase your capacity for more pleasure
•Love life and yourself and feel whole and safe
•Eliminate toxins
•Eliminate stress
•Release deep painful cellular memories
•Archive your intentions and attract what you want
•Learn what relationships you are in
•Experience the expression of your deepest emotions.

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