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Eastern Tantra Meditation and Pendulum Reading

What is Tantra Meditation?

  • Tantra is an energy source of healing. We work with the Chakra system to unblock and release negativity. We also use breathwork and affirmations to help change the mind's pattern. Tantra helps us reconnect with ourselves and teaches us to be in the present moment.

  • We work on three levels. Level I is Surrender. Surrender is where you learn to let go and release yourself. Surrendering can be challenging, but it is essential because to achieve the benefits of Tantra, you must be willing to let go and trust yourself. You will learn the basics of the Chakras and some breathing techniques.

  • Level II Awareness. Now that you know how to surrender and let go, we learn more about the feelings of touch, deeper breathwork, and connection. 

  • Level III Tantra Dance. We now know what it feels to be in the present moment, feel the touch, breathe, and understand our body's reaction. We move on to connecting with our own body's movement. Tantra Dance will open the sexual energy and help pass the energy throughout the body. It is a time to worship yourself.  

What is a Pendulum Reading?

  • When looking for guidance or confirmation about something, using a pendulum can make it easy to gain answers. 

    • These questions must be yes or no questions. We use each other's energy to find the answers within our subconscious minds and spirit guides. ​

Oracle Cards
pendulum charts

We use a crystal pendulum. The person asking the question must be open-minded and clear of leaning one way or the other. Your energy can sometimes give you the answer you want instead of the truth. You must breathe and leave the Pendulum and cards to do the work. Your whole goal is to focus on the question. 

What to expect?

  • Send payment

  • You will receive an email to set up an appointment time

  • Sessions are 15 to 30 minutes in length. Most of the time, we can do readings without physically being present.

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