Tantra, Pendulum, Runes and Card Reading's

What is Tantra?

  • Tantra is an energy source of healing. We work with the Chakra system to unblock and release negativity. We also use breathwork and affirmations to help change the mind's pattern. Tantra helps us reconnect with ourselves and teaches us to be in the present moment.

  • We work on three levels. Level I is surrender. Surrender is where you learn to let go and release yourself to the goddess. Surrendering can be a challenging stage, but it is essential because to achieve the benefits of Tantra, you must be willing to let go and trust yourself and your partner. You will learn the basics of the Chakras and some breathing techniques.

  • Level II Awareness. Now that you know how to surrender and let go, we learn more about the feelings of touch, deeper breathwork, and connection. 

  • Level III Sanctuary. We now know what it feels to be in the present moment, feel the touch, breathe, and understand our body's reaction. We move on to connecting with the goddess. Here I will move more around you while teaching you some yoga Tanta moves. Sanctuary will open the sexual energy and help pass the energy throughout the body. It is a time to worship yourself.  

What is a Pendulum Reading?

  • When you are looking for guidance or confirmation about something, using a pendulum can be and easy way to gain answers. 

What are Rune readings?

  • There are a variety of ways to read runes. Here are the ones we do.

    • One Rune layout​

    • Two Rune layout

    • Three Rune layout (past, present, future)

    • Four Directions

    • Five Rune Cross layout

    • Grid of Nine layout


What are Oracle Card Readings?

  • Oracle cards are a tool that we can use for introspection or depending on your approach, divination. There are no rules and the possibilities are endless, not like tarot cards. We go with our intuition to get our questions answered. 

Oracle Cards
pendulum charts

What type of questions can I ask?


Responds better to yes and no questions. We use different charts for specific questions or answers you are looking for. 

Charts: ​​

  • Chakra's 

    • balanced and blocked

  • Alpha-Numeric Chart

    • Questions that require a name, place, or thing

  • Guide Chart

    • find out who your guide(s) are​

  • Yes and No

    • All your questions need a yes or no answer.​

Runes Casting

  • One Rune Layout:

    • Your attitude and feelings about the question will affect the outcome of your question.​

  • Two Rune Layout:

    • Rune 1 includes things in the past and the present and how they impact the question being asked.​

    • Rune 2 is how the events or the future and the future, in general, will impact the question being asked. 

  • Three Rune Layout:

    • Rune 1 is the past. Influences that have affected the past in relation to the question being asked​

    • Rune 2 is the present. Things that are currently happening that affect the question being asked

    • Rune 3 is the future. What is the outcome of the question being asked? (the person choices can always change this outcome)

  • Four Directions Layout

    • Placed in directions (looks like a cross) (N, S, E, and W)​

    • Rune 1 North is past (Top)

    • Rune 2 West is the present (Left)

    • Rune 3 East is the future (obstacles coming your way) (Right)

    • Rune 4 South is the possible outcome (below)

  • Five Rune Cross Layout

    • It looks like a cross. Instead, it now has a middle Rune.​

    • Rune 1 Represents the basic influences that underline the question (bottom)

    • Rune 2 Represents any obstacles to overcome (left)

    • Rune 3 Represents beneficial processes (top)

    • Rune 4 Represents the possible outcome (right)

    • Rune 5 Shows all future influences on the outcome. 

  • Grid of Nine Layout​

    • This is a bit different. ​

    • Bottom line: Runes 8, 1 and 6

      • Rune 8 is the hidden influences that acted in the past​
      • Rune 1 is basic past influences.

      • Rune 6 is your present attitude to these past events.

    • ​Middle line: Runes 3, 5 and 7​

      • Rune 3 is the hidden influence(s) acting now.​
      • Rune 5 is the present state of events.

      • Rune 7 is your attitude towards the present events.

    • Topline: Runes 4, 9 and 2

      • Rune 4 is the hidden influences, the delays, or obstacles that may prevent the outcome.​
      • Rune 9 is the best possible outcome.

      • Rune 2 is your response to the result. 


Response to open-ended questions as well as yes and no questions. Most answers do come back with open thoughts and can have different meanings. 

  • Love Readings

    • Sole mate, twin flame, romance, any love/romance reading. ​

  • Spirit Animals

    • Messages that carry wisdom to support and guide you in your life. Help you uncover what you may have overlooked. ​These cards help send you a message of what is going on with you now and what could happen in the future. 

  • Moonology

    • Each card depicts how the moon's energy affects a different aspect of their lives, such as life goals, love, healing, family, job, money, and success, as well as a specific action to take or a question to ponder.​

How does it work?

We use a crystal pendulum. The person asking the question must be open-minded and clear of leaning one way or the other. Your energy can sometimes give you the answer you want instead of giving you the truth. You must breathe and leave the Pendulum and cards to do the work. Your whole goal is to focus on the question. 

What to expect?

  • Send payment

  • You will receive an email to set up appointment time

  • Sessions are 15 to 30 minutes in length. Most of the time we can do readings without physically being present.