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Transform Addictions, Trauma, Stress, and Anxiety 

Why Transform Beliefs?

  • Transform Beliefs comes from Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), a groundbreaking neuroscience-based therapy that combines the most beneficial elements of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, and CBT to deliver fast, effective outcomes.

  • Transforms Beliefs provide exceptional, long-lasting relief from physical, emotional, and psychological discomfort by redefining our underlying ideas, values, behaviors, and emotions deep in the subconscious.

  • Transforms Beliefs replaces outdated belief systems and bad behavior patterns by swiftly rewiring the brain's neural circuits. The healing process begins as new life-affirming beliefs are created.

Therapy Session
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What is Transforming your Beliefs? 

Rapid Transformational Therapy® is a hybrid therapy developed by Marisa Peer in London, England. It combines the best of hypnotherapy with unique methods for permanent, lasting change. 


  • Break bad habits

  • Achieve extraordinary results in sports

  • Success in business

  • Increase focus and motivation

  • Overcome fears and phobias

  • Letting go, grieving, and guilt

  • Addictions  

  • Sexual dysfunctions

  • Curing diseases 

  • Weight loss

  • Stress and Anxiety

How does it work?

We work with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where we keep all our experiences that have created our way of feeling about life and how we react to certain things. Our conscious mind has limits, and willpower alone cannot break the chains of bad habits or fears. We need to connect with the subconscious mind to change because we need to understand the root of our issues. 

During the session, we access the subconscious mind by using hypnosis. A hypnotic trance is an entirely natural state of inward focus. It does not control you or your brain. This state of focus gives your mind more control, not less. We can access beliefs formed many years ago. This process helps you change perceptions and thoughts at the subconscious level. We do this by placing positive suggestions in the subconscious mind. Think of it like seeds you plant. New roots will grow, just like new beliefs will grow.

In most cases, this process takes only one session. For some, it can take up to 3 sessions. This process is designed to provide rapid relief and permanent results. We use language that will spark the imagination, words are customized for you, and you receive a personal recording that you must listen to for at least 21 days. This recording lays down pathways between the neurons. As these pathways are strengthened, new behaviors become second nature. 

Our Specialty

  • Addiction

    • Throughout our years, we worked with individuals who had had an addiction. Our clients have tried AA and long-term therapy with temporarily quitting and going back to the addiction. ​

    • With Transforming Beliefs, we dig deep to discover the addiction's root cause. We like to say it is "the" addiction, not "YOUR." We find out what part the addiction is playing in your life. We don't want to own something that does not serve us. 

  • Trauma

    • Trauma usually goes hand in hand with addiction, not always, but most of the time. When a person suffers from trauma, they will either let it leash out or hold it all in until it becomes a disaster one day. Trauma can affect your relationships, career, worth, and more. ​

    • With Transforming Beliefs, we will regress and take you back to the trauma. We will only review the scenes and change what we need to move on. It never means you have to forget it if you don't want to. But we must view and release it from controlling our lives. 

  • Stress and Anxiety

    • The host creates stress and anxiety. Meaning that you are the one who creates it, so you are the one who can remove it. You cannot buy stress and anxiety at the store, so you cannot say it is a physical thing you can own. Once you understand the feeling you create with stress and anxiety, you can control it and allow what you want to feel and how much of it. Yes, this sounds a bit unbelievable, but once you understand how the mind works, you can change anything you desire.  

What to expect?

  • Intake form

  • consultation

  • Sessions are 90 to 120 min in length. We ask that you prepare for at least 120 minutes. 

  • Recorded transformation (listen for a minimum of 21 days)

  • Follow up in a week

  • Follow up in 21 days

  • Be free!

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