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Yoni Egg Healing


Yoni means "Sacred Space" in Sanskrit. For ladies, this is the vagina.


What is the Egg?
     The Yoni Egg is made up of crystals or Jade. It is in the shape of an egg. They come in different sizes. The larger egg is about 1.4x2in. We usually start with the larger egg, this is because you will be able to feel it and your muscles will be able to grip it.  The medium egg is about 1.2x1.8in and is the most commonly used size. The small egg is about 1x1.4in. Using the smaller egg does take some skill. It uses a lot more muscle dexterity to be able to feel and hold it.


Type of Yoni Eggs

      We use two types of Yoni Eggs.

Black Obsidian
•"Stone of Truth"
•Symbolize self-control
•Aligns with the Root Chakra
•For women that have negative emotions Bring unpleasant memories to surface and heal them.
•To heal emotional wounds
•Works as a shield against negative energies
•With this protective stone, we help many that have been physically and mentally abused.


Rose Quartz
•The love stone
•Love of self
•Romantic love
•Love of family and friends
•Receive and give more love
•Help circulation
•Helps skin issues
•Fertility and Reproductive system
•Aligns with the Heart Chakra
•With this high energy Quartz, we help much love again and feel whole within themselves and with others.

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