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About RTB

RTB Spa is a premier destination offering cutting-edge body contouring services aimed at helping individuals achieve their desired aesthetic goals. Nestled in the heart of Houston, our studio combines advanced technology with personalized care to deliver transformative results.


At RTB, we understand that each body is unique, and our team of certified specialists is dedicated to crafting tailored treatment plans to address the specific needs and aspirations of our clients. Whether it's reducing stubborn fat, tightening loose skin, or enhancing muscle tone, we utilize state-of-the-art non-invasive techniques to contour and sculpt the body effectively.

Our range of services includes:

  1. Non-Surgical Fat Reduction: Using innovative technologies such as ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequency, we target and eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas like the neck, abdomen, thighs, and arms without surgery or downtime.

  2. Skin Tightening and Firming: Through radio frequency and ultrasound therapies, we stimulate collagen production to tighten and tone loose or sagging skin, providing a smoother and more youthful appearance.

  3. Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Saggy Skin: We utilize advanced techniques such as radio frequency and ultrasonic therapy to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. We also use Botox. 

  4. Cellulite Reduction: We utilize advanced techniques such as cavitation, ultrasonic, and RF therapy to diminish the appearance of cellulite, promoting smoother skin texture and enhanced confidence.

  5. Muscle Stimulation: YouShape uses Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to deliver electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to targeted muscle groups. The device emits electrical pulses that stimulate the muscles, causing them to contract in a way that mimics natural muscle movements during exercise.

  6. Botox - Coming Mid May

  7. Personalized Consultations: Our experienced consultants conduct thorough assessments and consultations to understand each client's goals, medical history, and expectations, ensuring a customized treatment approach for optimal results.


At RTB Spa, we prioritize safety, efficacy, and client satisfaction above all else. Our tranquil and inviting studio provides a sanctuary for self-care, where individuals can embark on their journey to a more sculpted and confident self. Whether seeking a subtle refinement or a dramatic transformation, clients can trust us to deliver exceptional results and an unparalleled experience.


Experience the artistry of body contouring at RTB Spa, where beauty meets precision.


Schedule your consultation today to unlock your physique's full potential.



Discover the Power of Cosmetic Injections for a Youthful Glow

With Injections, you can enjoy noticeable improvements in your appearance without the need for invasive surgery or lengthy recovery periods. Whether you're interested in addressing specific problem areas or simply want to refresh your overall look, Botox offers a safe, effective, and minimally invasive solution for achieving your aesthetic goals.


6111 FM 1960 W

Suite 220

Houston, TX 77069

+1 713 - 322 - 6640

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