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Meditation and Guided Hypnosis 

What is a Meditation and Guided Hypnosis?

  • Meditation

    • Meditation isn't about changing, becoming a new person, or even becoming a better person. You are not suppressing your emotions or thoughts. Meditation is about developing awareness and a healthy sense of perspective. You're learning to observe your feelings and thoughts objectively. You may eventually gain a deeper understanding of them as well.

    • Meditation will help you become present and fully engage with what you are doing at that moment.

    • Meditation is a skill that is learned. It is an exercise for the brain.

    • We offer general meditations on our YouTube.

    • If you want something more personalized, click below to book a session.

  • Guided Hypnosis:

    • Guided hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that involves the use of tools like recorded instructions. Some recordings have music to induce a hypnotic state. ​

    • The ones we have on YouTube are generalized. 

    • If you want something more personalized, click below to book a session. 

    • Our guided hypnosis and RTT® are two different services. Please do not mistake one for the other. 

Listening to Music
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How does it work?

Guided Meditation:

  • Our recorded guided meditation will help you get to a relaxed concentration. ​Some recordings can be short, and some can be longer, depending on your goal. The purpose is to achieve mental, emotional, and physical healing. We also use meditation to attract what you want. Our personalized scripts include words and phrases specific to you in what you want to achieve. 

Guided Hypnosis:

  • With our recorded guided hypnosis, you are put into a hypnotic state to change your current beliefs to new ones. This personalized recording will eliminate old beliefs and get you moving forward.

What to expect?

  • Send payment

  • You will receive an email and call to set up an appointment time

  • Sessions are 15 to 30 minutes in length. 

  • Once the session is completed, we will create your personalized recording.

  • Everyone must listen to the recording for at least 21 days. It takes the brain 21 to 30 days to rewire and change. 

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