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Reiki Distance Healing

What is Distance Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that delivers energy healing through the hands. The energy is created to cleans and re-circulate the body's Charka system; this reboots your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Distance Reiki is receiving Reiki from afar. 

Distance Reiki is as effective as in-person. Distance Reiki is done with symbols and mantras. Our primary focus is to put intent and chant the symbols' names while you, the client, will also focus and relate the message to your inner body. 

What to expect?

Both our in person and online sessions will consist of a 10 min consultation followed by a 30 min session.


Our online Reiki Healing sessions are 30 minutes. You can do Reiki for yourself or for someone you know..(you must have something that is either theirs or a picture of them). We usually like for you to be in a quiet area and away from distractions. We also recommended that you are laying down. Be in comfortable clothing and not in a rush!

In person sessions are 30 to 45 min. We recommended that you come in comfortable clothing. Session can be on our table, couch, or chair. 

If you would like to set up an in person or online session, please click here...     


Tell us a bit about yourself, and what is your goal for this session?

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