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Cosmetic Injections

🌟 Unlock Your True Beauty: Cosmetic Injections for Wrinkle Reduction, Lip Enhancement, and Facial Contouring. 🌟


What is Tox?

Tox is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, also known as Botulinum Toxin. It is used to reduce fine lines and facial wrinkles. It can also enhance the appearance of the eyebrows, eyelids, chin, and jawline.

Types of Wrinkles:

There are two types of wrinkles: Static and Dynamic.

  • Static: A type of facial wrinkle that is visible even when the face is at rest.  Static lines are present due to the skin's loss of elasticity and collagen as we age. They typically are deeper and more pronounced than dynamic lines. 

  • Dynamic: Facial lines and creases that form as a result of repetitive facial muscle movements and expressions. These lines are only visible when certain facial muscles contract. 


Who is an ideal candidate for cosmetic injections?

Men and women of any age. Some start as early as 20 as a preventive. 

Our Service Areas:

  • Frontalis: Also known as your forehead lines. They are horizontal lines on the forehead (raise your eyebrows)

  • Glabella Complex: The most commonly treated area in this whole group of muscles is the "11's". (make an angry face)

  • Crow's Feet: Fine lines and wrinkles that form at the eyes (smile big)

  • Brow Lift: Eyebrows that hang and sometimes cause a hooding of the eyelids. Or you want to give them an arch.

  • Bunny Lines: Horizontal wrinkles on the sides of the nose (scrunch your nose)

  • Lip Flip: Get a fuller lip

  • DOAs (Frown Lines): These are vertical lines above the upper lip that can look like you are frowning. 

  • Chin Dimpling: Pebbled or orange-peel appearance on the chin

  • Jaw reduction: When the masseter muscles are injected, they give you a more slimmer jawline appearance.

  • Platysma Bands: Also known as neck bands. 


Boss Babe Injector: Stephanie Alvarenga

Medical Director: Zack Cannon

How to Book?

Because we are under an MD, we must follow his protocols and use his software. EVERYONE MUST DO A GOOD FAITH EXAM BEFORE APPOINTMENT!!

1. Call or text us to let us know you are interested in making an appointment. We will give you the day and time to select when booking on the app. 

2. We will send you an email with a link to download the app and sign up. You will also receive a second email with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the appointment. 


What to expect?

Initial Visit:

Call to set up an appointment

Download the App (you only need to do this once)

Sign up for a GFE (good for one year)

Before photos

Best to come without makeup, if not we will wipe it off. 

Must Follow the aftercare!!!!!

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