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Full Moon Jan 28 2021 By Manifestation Magic Team

The first full moon of 2021 is right around the corner, falling in the sign of Leo at 9 degrees on January 28th. Understanding the power of the moon and its cycles can give your manifestations an extra powerful boost. The lunar cycles are a cosmic tool that can help you to create the life you dream of and attract the details of those dreams into your reality with your firm intentions. The Full Moon is always a time of culmination and completion as it marks the climax of the monthly lunar cycle. Every time we have a Full Moon we get the chance to release, let go of negativity and stagnant situations and embrace whatever needs to be allowed in. This particular Full Moon in Leo is a powerful, positive Full Moon. It comes at a time of strong astrological alignments. January and February 2021 are full of expansive, eruptive and powerful planetary movements. These first two months are really setting the tone for some strong universal energies, and the Full Moon in Leo is a welcome burst of heart-centered light and love for us all. When the Full Moon comes around, it’s time to look back at the seeds we planted at the New Moon, a time to see what may have come to fruition or what still needs our attention. Think back to what you intended at the New Moon in Capricorn. The themes were very much about hard work, routines, setting up disciplined habits and focus. Now is the ideal time to review how that is going, and where you can still grow your methods more productively.

The Leo Energies to Harness are Love, Kindness, Abundance and Creativity This Full Moon in Leo calls us to stay centered in our hearts and to focus strongly on how we are creating our individual realities.

Leo is a passionate Fire sign signifying our self-expression, inspiration and happiness. It is also focused on the things that bring us happiness, love, romance, children and leadership. It can make us brave, bold and beautiful. The Sun is also aligned with Jupiter at this time which bursts with positive energy. Jupiter is all about expansion and abundance, a powerful energy that seems to point to freedom and the chance to shine and find your confidence. And due to the nature of this, we would like to warn avid ‘manifestation’ followers that this report is not an ‘attack’ but rather an added insight of what really attracts abundance. See Yourself as a Creator The Full Moon in Leo ignites our creativity, and inspires us to write, sing, dance and make art whichever way we choose. It’s a beautiful energy for expressing our feelings and emotions and for bringing any artistic and creative projects to a climax. In terms of creating your own life and bringing desires into reality, this is also a wonderful time for focusing on how you can direct your energy in a positive way. During this time of social upheaval and uncertainty, you might want to be extra careful about what kinds of energies you allow into your physical and spiritual energy field. Perhaps you can take this time to step away from the negativity of constant news updates and the polarity that exists in that realm. It’s possible to remain informed about the world without absorbing the chaotic and negative energy that comes from being drawn into the constant duality, So see if you can switch off the external stimuli and stay focused on your visions. Staying in a heart centered space and seeing yourself as the creator of your reality will really help you at this time. Create Heart and Brain Coherence Dropping into your heart space and anchoring your energy from that area will bring compassion and positive energy to yourself and others. A great exercise to do when you are feeling scattered or stressed is to just close your eyes and breathe into your heart space. You can imagine that your breath is coming from your heart. Inhale and exhale out of that space. This will lead you into a feeling of expansive light and love that not only synchronizes your own heart and brain, and bring coherence but also extends out to the global collective. Spend as Much Time as Possible in High Energy Frequencies Do all the things that make you feel good. Be outside in nature, hug a tree and let your face feel the sunlight or gaze at the stars. Be close to your pets, if you can see friends, then do so safely. Just make sure that you tune into the vibration of love as often as possible in any way that works for you and stay in your power. Release and Manifest Use the full moon to release whatever feels like it needs to be shed from your life. Use the time to meditate and feel your inner self soar as you tap into your visions and clear the way energetically for manifestations to occur. Sending Light & Love, Manifestation Magic Team


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